Its been a hot minute...

September 20, 2023

Hey friends,

As the title of this blog post suggests, it's been a hot minute (to coin a phrase from a good friend).

Life does its thing, we carry on through what is needed for us in the moment, but that's the point isn't it? Living in the moment, the reality of it all? Photography though, never disappears, like most art forms (and life) it is ever evolving into its most supporting form.

Walking Tour of Bath

I love taking photographs and always will, but something Im coming to terms with is that how I do that and what it means to do that will also have to be ever evolving with where I am in stages of life. ****vulnerability alert**** I recently came to the realisation that photography found me when I was at my lowest, when I needed something to keep me focused so that I didn't drown under life. Something that brought about my creativity and helped me to rediscover ME at a time when I first thought I was loosing everything.

How beautiful is it on reflection that a medium such as photography brought about the opportunity to develop friendships, working relationships and community and have more like hearted people around me than ever before. How beautiful is it that photography not only gave me the opportunity to help others see themselves, but for me to be able to re build my own views of who I was and wanted to be. How beautiful is it that photography has given me a space to define my values, ensuring that they are always present in every project that I take part in (photography and non photography related) and how beautiful is it that photography can travel with me throughout any venture big or small.

The Universe/God/Devine certainly had its plan for me. Photography as it turns out is to play a huge part.

The Message Band

Moving forward, I will continue to offer workshops as I love meeting you all in person and sharing my knowledge on how to take great photos with your iPhone. I will also be working with clients looking to support themselves with imagery for use on websites and socials (so not loads changes) but this will be as and when the right people come forward to find me. The energy exchange between myself and the client is very important to me, to ensure that we get the best from our time together.

I also want to embark on a new personal project. Following along from the theme of Inspiring Women in Business, focusing more of the empowerment of women - watch this space.

Food by Marilyn Grosvenor

So for now...

The photography ticks along, I am here if you want to connect and see how we could work together, but I am also here to explore how else it is that I am to create opportunities for others to feel seen and heard. This latter part of the year is going to be fun exploring all of those options. Its exciting and I look forward to my evolving.

I am forever grateful to photography for showing up in my life as it did, when it did. It has my heart well and truly. I encourage you to follow your intuition when it strikes, you never know where it may lead you next.

Always love x

Yoga Ben

The Meraki Van/Cafe

Raphaels Med Deli

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