What's going on?

March 22, 2024 iPhone Photography, Skills, Me, What's new

Every 6 months...

...seems to be the time between writing blog posts! Eeeek, there was hope that it would be a little more regular than that, but when it turns out that you're not much of a planner and you like to take on multiple or different interests for work and play, something gives right?

That's not to say I haven't thought about it, much the opposite. So much so that for a while I announced that photography would be taking a back seat whilst I explored some of those other options. Turns out that when you stop and give up space for other things, the universe decides that its going to send a little test your way to see how much you do or don't want something.

As I freed up more space from the photography, I took on a workshop and some magazine work that was offered to me and now here we are with a potential space in my future and planning how we can in the meantime get set up and running with sessions that will reflect versions of the future. Bit of a turnaround you might say? Well, whatever your beliefs, it is mine that this little thing we call life is already planned out for us and we just have to play the game and choose which doors to walk through. Turns out I had to close a few to be able to open my eyes to see exactly what was coming my way and integrate all that I know and love into these new versions of creating connection, community and memories (preferably around some sort of table with food - preferably).

Its always my trickiest spot when someone asks me what I do. I pause and urrrm for a bit and then I tend to break it down.

  • I am a Mum, first and foremost. The kiddos take priority
  • I am an award winning iPhone Photographer
  • I am a Community Manager for a coaching space
  • I am qualifying as a coach for supporting children's mental health

So you might take a look at those things and wonder how they all come together. I sure did for a while, but it comes back to my core values of

  • Joy
  • Peace
  • Connection
  • Love
  • Making a difference

Throughout all the choices I have made to share who I am and what I bring to the world, these core values run through all of them. That's the simplicity of it. If a task or a job encompasses any of those 5 values, then I'm generally in, all the while creating space, communities and memories along the way.

So a little contemplation and some space can open up your heart for what it is that is to be brought to the world, for you to share in only the way you know how.

I can feel that 2024 is going to be one of those bigger years that (as always) teaches me lots about myself and with full permission allows me to step into who I am meant to be and 100% own every inch of it.

It will be awesome if you choose to tag along for the ride.

*main photo of me captured by Ellie McCallum Photography