If you set it up, they will come

April 23, 2024 Food Photography, iPhone Photography, Me, Skills, Shop, Ko-fi

Wow, what a week!

Taking some reflection time today, to honour the busyness and hard work that went into last week setting up my new digital download shop over on Ko-fi.

These tasks can often be arduous and time consuming, but Im here to tell you that they work. Ive never been happier to receive a notification telling me that someone has supported me with a coffee and THEN that someone has purchased an image.

You can imagine my elation!

Friends and followers, thank you for your continued support as I navigate this beautiful journey in iPhone photography. For believing in me and opening up opportunities for me to be in the room. The saying is that "your name is being mentioned in rooms that you haven't walked in yet", Im here to say that Im ready now. Just open the door and show me in.

Images can be purchased here on my Ko-fi page

Much love.