Inspiring Women in Business Project

““Connection is the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard and valued””

I was scrolling the world of LinkedIn back in November 2021 where I came across an article that stated that the term “woman” was not as widely used within business terminology as it should. 

Im sure that this is a baffling statement to you all to read in a world where (in 2022) we are encouraged to believe that we are all treated equally.

I struggled to believe what it was reading as in my heart I knew that I was surrounded by many women in business, many inspiring women in business and I wanted to find a way that I could shine a light on those women and let the world see them and connect with their heart work. 

Being an iPhone photographer, I constantly take inspiration from the world around me, so in my mind, the best way I knew how to represent these ladies and give them a platform to shine in this world was through taking their portraits.

 The Inspiring Women in Business project was born.

“Abbie has brought together an unstoppable community of women who have each others backs. Its truly magical and you can see that in her photographs”

I reached out via social platforms to talk about the project and that I was seeking ladies to take part. To my absolute joy, I was inundated with requests to be a part of something which at that point didn’t have its journey mapped out.

I gathered a list of local, national and international ladies from all different walks of the business world. Coaches, bakers, choir leaders, Angelic healers, photographers, all with a shared passion for connecting with like hearted people in the world.

The process of connecting with and shooting these ladies has been a beautiful experience for me. I have been able to help them see themselves as I believe we all see them, sharing ideas and mood boards to work together to capture them in all their light. The feedback on how they feel and what they get out of the experience is all I needed to hear to propel this project forward and see the limitless possibilities it has to encourage, inspire and empower women all over the world to live in their light and their heart work. To share all that they are in this world, Mothers, entrepreneurs, business women, CEO’s and just ultimately themselves. Bringing all that they are to the businesses that they facilitate. 

Each portrait is being documented here and released via my social media channels. I hope that you take the opportunity to see them, get to know the ladies and reach out and connect with them should you feel called to do so.

“We rise by lifting others”