There's Always Reason to Celebrate

April 10, 2024 Food, Food Photography, iPhone Photography, Awards


When I was busy Googling myself today for updates for the website, little did I know I was going to stumble across this information 4 years later!

For the first time and will relatively little experience back then, I decided to enter the Pink Lady Food Photographer Awards in their On The Phone category.

I loved this capture of Dill that I played around with one day at a local venue to me in Wiltshire. Their cottage garden provided the perfect playground with this worn gardeners table and the chipped white paint with the contrasting bright green of the dill. I knew I loved it and hoped others would too.

These awards are judged by highly acclaimed photographers such as David Loftus (someone who's work I've admired for a very long time) and to know that he has witnessed my work only added to the excitement.

I was so happy when I came to find out that I had been shortlisted in the category and dutifully tuned into the awards ceremony which was being held online at the time due to our world being under strict instructions to stay at home.

On the night there were some very well deserved winners and I came away proud that I had a) entered and b) been shortlisted in my first time of entering. I honestly had no recollection of being told that I had been given a Commended place in the category, until today.

So today I am celebrating this 100%

I am working very hard at the moment to recognise the work that I produce, the standard of it, the spotlight it brings to iPhone photography, how it makes the creative world so much more accessible to so many people and the joy it brings me. These things are just like the cherry on the cake but not to be dismissed.

So, Im paying attention universe, Im seeing my worth (albeit slowly) in who I am and what I bring to the world. Thank you for this HUGE reminder today.

Keep loving on yourselves and all that you do X