Photography is more than just taking photos

March 8, 2023 Food Photography, Food, iPhone Photography, Skills, Food hygiene

Theres a lot that goes on beyond the photograph...

I don't think I'll ever be able to say that Im "just" a photographer. As with a lot of vocations, it lends itself to acquiring a whole host of skills, some of which may not even be considered.

The ability to be able to create and execute a desirable photo is one thing, to understand the equipment that you are using, editing skills, the ability to communicate effectively with other humans and navigate the world of social media is a lots of balls and skills to juggle.

One that I am also particular in revising bi annually is my food hygiene certificate. Handling food and food products regularly, I want my clients to have peace of mind that I know what I am doing (a) with the food but also (b) can find my way around a kitchen or food premises safely.

This hasn't been something until recently that Ive advertised that I do, but I think is important to understand that I am always striving to offer the best service possible and am always looking for ways to improve on the offerings at Studio A Photography.